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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Heavy Metal Times Usa - 3 1983


Report taken by Dave Hutchison

Shortly after arriving in New York City, we were informed that the starting time for the concert had been advanced two hours. Consequently, we had to rush to Staten Island and arrived at the Paramount Theatre within ten minutes of showtime. The rest was history'

Since the show had originally been billed as "World War III" with such bands scheduled to perform as Bodine, Accept, and Manowar, I did have some doubts as to whether or not Manowar would deliver to their fullest potential. Adding to my doubts was the fact that this was only new Drummer, Scott Columbus' third show with the band. My doubts were soon erased.
For twenty-five minutes before Manowar took the stage, oriental music was being played over the public address system. The crowd grew quite irritated and began chanting, "Manowar, Manowar, Manowar . . ."Finally the public address was turned off, the lights dimmed, and tension filled the air in anticipation of Manowar. Suddenly, the stage was filled with bright white lights and an intro tape done by Orson Welles set the stage as if spoken by the Almighty Himself . . . "Ladies and gentlemen, from the United States of America, All Hail, Manowar". The crowd erupted as the band took the stage and tore into the anthem, "Manowar". The sheer power of these men was felt by all. It certainly became very obvious to me why Scott Columbus had been added as the group's new drummer. Scott is a power drummer. He takes some of the lighter sounds from the first album and turns them into much heavier metal. The crowd headbanged with thorough enjoyment of the second burning attack of "Death Tone". We were then greeted by Eric Adams and told that we were about to be treated to songs from their recently completed second album. "Secrets of Steel" was the first of these soon-to-be metal lovers' favourites. "Ross the Boss" tore through a guitar solo which lead into "Metal Daze" whereby the crowd was invited to participate in the chorus. Two more new songs, "Warlord", a song for the bikers, and "Gloves of Metal", the catchiest of the new power tunes, were both delivered with the professionalism only seen in bands that have been together for many, many years. It was hard to believe that these true men of metal only had one album to their credit! "Fast Taker", a definite favourite of the headbanging New Yorkers, was performed with the precise burning as only Manowar could present. The stage presentation of Manowar must be witnessed! Their barbaric dress appears mild in comparison to the nonstop, power driven performances given by Joey, Ross, Eric, and Scott. Bats are nothing! These men looked as though they could bite the head off of a bear! Joey DeMaio ripped through "William's Tale" and let it be known that he does this faster and cleaner live, if that's possible, than on the album! Joey then took the mike and proclaimed, "Death to False Metal" adding that "Manowar is true metal". He proceeded into a solo that left everyone with mouths wide open in awe of Joey's speed and precision. "Hatred", a new song with a slower, grinding, marching beat, concluded the show. The crowd, however, would not let them escape. They were summoned back to the stage and came forth with sword in hand for the first encore, "Battle Hymn". The crowd was lifted into ecstasy. The final two encores, "March for Revenge", and "Valhalla", were taken from the new album. Both definitely highlighted Eric Adams' awesome vocal talents. Manowar's stage presentation was overwhelming, and their sound has got to be the loudest while still remaining tight.

Dave Hutchison
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