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Kerrang Uk - 1983


Report taken by Unknown

Stand by for the Manowar invasion! It seems that one of America's most talked-about bands is going to roar into the UK in the very near future. At present, according to bassist Joey Demaio, Manowar see the main thrust of their impact as coming in Britain, and hope to make it here during March or April. Even more good news is that their second LP is all set to hit the streets, although exactly when this will happen has yet to be decided, as the band are still negotiating a fresh recording contract. To date, this latest magnum opus of 'mannishness' hasn't got a working title. However, amongst those songs featured will be 'Hatred', 'March of Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death), 'Secret of Steel, 'Brothers Of Metal' and 'Defender' (featuring Orson Welles). Some of this new material was unveiled recently by Manowar (along with new drummer Scott Columbus) at two gigs in the New York area, suitably entitled 'World War Three', with VIRGIN STEELE as support.

"It was the first time we'd played our home city," Demaio told Kerrang! "The band has sold 8,000 copies of that first LP since June there, and the fans must have begun to wonder if we were a myth, and if we could possibly be what we said we were."

Well, they certainty seem to have found out. Both nights were 1500 sell-outs, and the crowd apparently went crazy.
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