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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang Uk 409 - 1992


Report Taken by Dave "brother of metal" Reynolds

MANOWAR, THE Kings Of Metal, release their seventh album via Atlantic on October 12. Produced by the band, the album is titled 'Triumph Of Steel” and will be pressed on vinyl as a double album (single CD and cassette). It features the following tracks:
Part One:

'Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts'. This is an epic 28-minute work based on Homer's 'Iliad' - the tale of the Trojan wars - featuring guitar, bass, drum and even cymbal solos! The eight parts break down as follows:
'Prelude', 'Hector Storms The Walls’
‘The Death Of Patroclus',
'Funeral March',
'Armour Of The Gods',
'Hector's Final Hour',
'Death, Hector's Reward’,
'The Desecration Of Hector's Body'.

Part Two:
'Metal Warriors',
'Ride The Dragon',
'Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee',
The Power Of Thy Sword’,
The Demon's Whip',
'Master Of The Wind’.

The last song is a ballad - but a Manowar-style ballad! Triumph Of Steel is the band's follow-up to 1989's 'Kings Of Metal’
"We took a long time over the album because it must be worthy enough to take us to our next level or plateau," bassist Joey
DeMaio told Mayhem this week. Triumph Of Steel also marks the debut of new drummer Rhino, who replaced the giant Scott
Columbus earlier this year.
"Scott had to leave Manowar because his little boy suddenly became seriously ill, and he needed to take time off to deal with the situation," explained DeMaio. "We respect his decision to leave the band, so it’s very much an amicable split, because he's left for a real cause, not some joke. "Rhino is his best buddy, his style is similar to Scott's and he's harder than f**k! Quite honestly, he's the fastest drummer in the world. I really feel sorry for other drummers because he will embarrass them, and that’s no joke!
"Basically, Rhino is an American Indian term meaning Great Thunder, so it’s an apt name. When Scott told him that we wanted him in the band, he was over the moon. And when he presented Rhino with his own custom-made kit, Rhino went and set his own kit up outside the studio and torched the f**ker! It was as if it were a ritual, as if he was burning away his past."
The album artwork (pictured on this page) is by Ken Kelly, who painted the 'Kings Of Metal’ cover and is best known for his work on the Kiss albums 'Love Gun' and 'Destroyer'.
Manowar begin a full European tour on October 13 in Germany. Their touring itinerary includes a Greek festival which is likely to attract over 15,000 True Metal fans.
"We are the biggest band in Greece!" declares DeMaio. "There are some sick Metal motherf**kers down there, boy!"
UK dates are currently being pencilled in for December.
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