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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang - 1990


Author Unknown

WITH A song in their hearts and a hurricane in their speaker stacks, Manowar sally forth once more to do battle in the Netherlands which those who dare speak their name call the Odeons. But, hark, Manowar signal their return to Albion with a myriad of changes. They bring one Death Dealer in place of their stalwart Commander of the Guitars, Ross The Boss. His task will not be an easy one! More controversial still. they are rumored to have abandoned their immodest ox-skin knickers for a "jeans and T-shirt image"! Worry not, the explanation is plain. For just as the prophet must resemble us to walk among us, so Manowar have decided to momentarily become wolves in sheep's clothing, if only to entice us all backstage. There will be bison-hide codpieces for all!
Prepare yourselves for the loudest show, the fastest bass solos, the truest hewers of rock. Hail Manowar, purveyors of real metal to the crown.
Manowar play Newport (Monday) and Manchester (Tuesday).
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