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Kerrang - 1984


Author Unknown

Manowar are now expected to tour in Britain sometime early in 1984. The band were originally planning to come over towards the end of this month, but they've now elected to record a new LP prior to playing live dates. Talking to band bassist Joey DeMaio, Kerrang! was informed that the reason the tour has been postponed was due to the death of prospective promoter Paul Loasby's sister.
"She was killed in a road accident and they were so close, it just freaked him out. Besides which, there are so many bands presently on the road in England that maybe it's better for us to hold off for a while.".
The plan now is for Manowar to come over during February, when they will be backed up by some six tons of equipment! As for recording plans, the mighty foursome will be starting on their third LP during December. As yet no title has been decided upon, but according to DeMaio:
"I was so inspired by my recent trip to England and everybody was so into Manowar that the new LP will definitely reflect this. And I promise you it'll smoke from one end to the other!"
One song slated for inclusion is the Dome-esque 'Bridge Of Death', said to be "the ultimate Satanic number" and another is 'Kill With Power', "one of the fastest tracks ever recorded". Release is likely to be at the end of January, probably on Music For Nations once more.
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