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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Raw Uk 136 - 1993


Report Taken by Jon Hotten

Manowar once signed a record deal in their own blood, splattered onto quill pens from knife-slashes they inflicted across their muscle bound chests. Manowar take Heavy Metal very seriously indeed. False Metallers and small furry animals remain nervous. Unwisely, Atlantic dropped Manowar after the gargantuan Triumph Of Steel album, apparently for the flimsy reason that the band have never really broken big in America. So what? America is for pussies! Manowar have a following as large as their biceps in Europe, and this reissue of their '83 and '84 LPs, 'Into Glory Ride' and 'Hail To England', as a double package is hugely welcome. Along with Judas Priest, Manowar celebrate the ethos of Heavy Metal to the ultimate degree. Mystical swords, Angels of Death, Armies of Immortals and Black Arrows dominate the Manowar vista, and each broad-boned lyrical myth is backed with amps cranked to 11, drums played on dead men's chests and Joey DeMaio's thunderhead bass. The package is spoiled only by the decidedly unsound spoken intro to 'Warlord' on 'Into Glory Ride' - rape imagery, however comically presented, is stupid and dangerous. That aside, let this set be a black arrow to the heart of all those who play False Metal, as the man once said.
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