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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang Uk 1992


Report taken by Rene And Willie Van Der Kirkhoff

THIS ALBUM is, of course, beyond a mere K-rating system. If Ks could be arranged in great legions atop a bloodied battlefield, stretching back beyond the distant horizon and littered around the bones of the newly dead, only then could they begin to convey the utter Heavy Metalness of 'The Triumph Of Steel’. 'The Triumph Of Steel is exactly the album you would expect from the men who signed their recording contract in their own blood; the men who, on their debut album, had Orson Wells - maker of 'Citizen Kane', widely considered the greatest film ever made - speak the words, "Let thee not pass, Abandon"; the men whose devotion to the brotherhood of Heavy Metal is the stuff of legend. It is an album, it’s safe to say, that no other band could have cut. Viking-boned bassist Joey DeMaio and sack-lunged vocalist Eric Adams remain from the original Manowar quartet; guitarist Death Dealer and drummer Rhino have filled dead men's shoes. If Glenn Danzig was half the man he thinks he is, he Would have composed 'The Triumph Of Steel 's first side, 'Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts'. Can these 28 minutes and 37 seconds be adequately described? Could even Orson's mighty lips impart the grandeur of 'Hector Storms The Walls’ Could Hank Rollins, King Diamond, Thor and Conan The Barbarian form a super group and make a fraction of the noise that 'The Desecration Of Hector's Body' makes? We think not. Once injured in an onstage explosion while in a band called Thunder (which featured Ronnie James Dio's cousin on guitar), Joey DeMaio understands death and the afterlife. How else could Manowar compose 'Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee'? If Metallica could play properly, they could go as fast as Manowar. If Bruce Dickinson could sing, he could scream like Eric Adams. But, of course, they can't, he won't. Manowar have forged their swords in the Styx, proved their manhood in the Black Wind. Blessed with the singular vision of the immortal, into glory they ride.

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