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Kerrang Uk - 434   1993


Interview taken by John Hotten and the fitness trainer Cronos

For many of today's Metal stars, the rock'n'roll lifestyle is a thing of the past! Tour are longer, stage shows are harder, and rockers need to look good! So they're hitting the gym in a big way, and they don't come any bigger than Cronos as well as working as a qualified fitness instructor! we assembled fitness files on the five metal stars pictured here, and asked Cronos to give 'em the full treatment! The big fella also provides an exercise tip for each of them. These have been prepared specifically for individual fitness, so don't try at home! Don't begin any work-out programme or exercises without first consulting a qualified fitness instructor. Over the page, Cronos hand out tips on how to live a full-on Heavy Metal life and stay in good shape. so just do it... (Jon Hotten)

Joey DeMaio

I) Height: 5' 9"
II) Weight: 11 stone
III) Physique: well-defined torso, slim legs
IV) Age: late 30s
V) Stage performance: vigorous
VI) Fitness assessment: has studied karate for many years. Very fit, pumps iron. Doesn't drink or smoke. Enjoys putting women through "work-outs"!

CRONOS: "Joey's in excellent shape, especially for his age. Kids must look up to that. Kids don't wake up and go, "I wanna be Lemmy!". Joey's on a mission. As you get older, you get more conscious of your health. He's probably had a lot of instructors, especially in karate. Karate is very strict exercise, mentally and physically. A lot of the routines are very punishing. They'll push you beyond your limits. People who like martial arts want to feel the pain. When l saw him training, he was very intense and very concentrated. I saw him work out for an hour before a gig, then he did the gig, too! He'll live a long time. He's obviously doing well by all that shagging! That's great cardiovascular exercise, and the most fun exercise, too! In training, he'll do lots of punching and kicking - in martial arts, you concentrate on attack and defence. You must be very flexible, too. Joey wouldn't be as strong as Henry Rollins, but he'd be more flexible. He'd use light weights with high repetitions in his work-outs. That tones the muscles without making them larger.
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