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Shell Shock

All those who firmly believe that Manowar - and especially Joey, as he is the main song writer - are self dedicated only to write songs based on "sword, blood, king, fight, war, vikings, ships" and so on, will be disappointed.
Many detractors believe that it is easy to put together this kind of words, shake them, mix them and obtain a song. Many others think that this could reflect a sort of lack of ideas or a way like another to hide a kind of "ignorance" (the same subject through the year could be easy to manage). We believe it is not true.
The majority of their songs is focused on Northern mythology (except Achilles Agony and Ecstasy) and this could seems easy to manage: there are many books on traditions, deities, mythes, legends, stories and history. But it isn't. Because, like in every past culture, it is easy to find discrepancies, contraddictions and misinterpretations due to the Church influences. So, to write something that could be "real" and according to the former traditions requires study, selections, knowledge.

But for now we don't want to explore the mythology main theme.
We want you put an eye on one of their first songs. "shell shock".
Who knows what the Shell Shock is? Who paid attention to the lyrics? Who paid attention to the words?
Manowar Undisclosed made a little search
- On Spartacus Educational, (an online encyclopedia focused on historical topics) we got the first  article about Shell Shock
- On First World the second and third (documents contain deepening link, join the website and read all the documents!)
- And Wikipedia too gave its contribution

Now the questions are: after reading the documents, re reading the lyrics is more clear? Is it easier to understand the sensibility of the topic?
And again, now really you do believe that Manowar are so illiterate?

Manowar Undisclosed answers YES to the first two questions, and NO to the third one.

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