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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang Uk 24 - 1982


Interview taken by Unknown for section "guitar Heroes"

When did you begin playing guitar ?
When I was 13

Why did you start ?
'Cause there was nothing else to do!

First type of guitar?
Gibson SG

Musical training?
Piano and violin

Early Influences?
Cream, Black Sabbath, Mountain, The Yardbirds, The Bluesbreakers and BB King

First public performance?
At a school dance when I was 13

First appearance on record?
The Dictators "Go Girl Crazy " LP

Recording Bands?
The Dictators, Shakin' Street and Manowar

Other vinyl appearances?
I've worked with various people around New York and I was even on a disco session with an artist from Mexico once!

Equipment (live)?
Marshall 100 watt amps, Gibson Les Paul's and SG's and Stratocasters. I don't use any effects.

Studio equipment?
It tends to vary depending on the sound I want - generally the sound I'm after is KILL

Number of guitars owned?

Most memorable solo on record?
I've got a lot of favourites : "Young Fast & Scientific" and "Disease" with the Dictators, the end of "Solid As a Rock" (Shakin' Street) and of course the Manowar stuff. "Metal Daze", "Battle Hymn" , "Dark Avenger" ... they're all classics!

Other guitarists you admire?
Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen in the beginning and early Buck Dharma.
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