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Kerrang Uk - 406  1992


Interview taken by Dave Raynolds

Rock stars, eh... Who'd have 'em? Not us - we're of the opinion that they're nothing but a bunch of jumped-up sixth-formers dedicated to talking girls into dropping their Alan Whickers and you into giving 'em your can of Kestrel! And to prove It, we've devised the Rock 'N' Roll Dilemmas, 10 cunning queries that take some getting out of. Manowar hero Joey DeMaio stands up, DAVE REYNOLDS has a go at him...
Would you rather a play a non-profit making show in England for your hardcore fans, or an industry showcase in LA for music biz VIPs?
Joey DeMaio "It's guaranteed that we'd play in England. We've done so on every tour. The cost of our production always exceeds what we make, but it's the law of the band to go where our fans are. I've got no time for all that LA bullshit. I did go to a seminar once, and I've actually been banned from them ever since. They're just a two-fisted wank-job. I'd love to go on one of those panels they have, just so I can expound my theories on horseshit, y'know what I'm saying?"
Manowar frontman Eric Adams is approached by Guns N' Roses to replace W Axl Rose. He wants your blessing before he leaves. Would you give it?
J: "Whatever makes the other guys in this band happy makes me happy, but it's the music that keeps us together, not the pay cheques."
Your stage gear has mistakenly been left at last night's gig. Would you go on stage in jeans and T-shirts, or cancel the show?
J: "It's actually happened to us... more than once! We certainly didn't cancel the gig. As I said before, we go where our fans are. We'd even play in front of just 10 people. That's happened before as well. We don't care!"
A Hollywood movie studio sees you as the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Would you give up Manowar for a lucrative film career?
J: "Absolutely not. I'd much rather be discovered as a porn star! I wouldn't need to leave the band for that. To tell you the truth, I'm enjoying that life already in a non-professional capacity! Whenever we go out on tour, we make our own movies, made by Tour Bus Productions. It's the best of both worlds for me!"
Would you pose for a fantasy photo session in your stage gear for use in a million-selling gay magazine?
J: "No I wouldn't, but I've nothing against gay men. I just don't identify with them. The thing is, they're doing Manowar and all other straight men a big favour by 'f**king each other, because they're leaving all the chicks for us. There aren't enough girls goin' round as it is, thanks to the fear of AIDS, so imagine the lack of available women if there were no gay men in the world..."
Would you donate your bone marrow to save the life of Satanic Deicide leader Glen Benton?
J: "Who is he? I don't know the f**ker! If he happened to be a friend, and it was to save his life, then I would. But he'd have to be as good a friend as the guys in Manowar. I have no idea who he is or what he does"
If he had the perfect sound for Manowar, would you let a five-feet tall, 12-year-old guitarist play on an album?
J: "As a guest? Sure, why not? I'd be a laugh! As it is, we invite fans up onstage to play guitar on 'All Men Play On Ten' at each show we do. It's great. Some of 'em really tear ass, while others are just used to playing in their bedrooms, wishing they were in a position to play onstage every night. The look on their faces when they strike up with us and experience that 'Black Wind' for the first time, it's like, 'Holy f**k! I tell you, it's like standing on a jet engine!"
Would you go on a speaking tour of junior schools, stressing the dangers of drugs and the benefits of Heavy Metal?
J: "No. I don't believe that you should preach to people. Like smoking and drinking, drugs are a personal thing. People have to learn, and decide for themselves about everything. I never listened when people tried to tell me what to do when I was a kid. I experimented with things myself, and found out what was good and bad for me on my own. I actually quit smoking when my father allowed me to smoke in the house. Kids shouldn't feel cramped or pushed around. They'll just become total rebels, and then they tend to try everything at once. That's what's so f**ked up about America, because you've got kids coming from very religious, cloistered environments, who've been told not to drink, smoke, listen to music, f**k... totally deprived. They have no experience of doing anything, especially in moderation. As soon as they hit college, they just go mental and do everything at once. It's no wonder there are so many overdose cases..."
Would you consider a hair transplant for a member of the band who was going bald?
J:"Ha ha! Whatever is necessary, brother!"
Would you sleep with a female A&R executive to further your career?
J: "I wouldn't have to do it to further my career, I'd just do it! It's a fringe benefit in this business. And it's my mission. It's what men were put on this earth for!"
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