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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang Uk - 64 1984


Report taken by Howard Johnson

'The sound of metal, so loud it crack the beams'

May Be it wasn't quite as wild as that, but plaster was noted to have fallen from the roof of the NEC-and Manowar were actually letting rip ten miles away at the Odeon! We ain't just talking loud here guys, this was indeed'total head removal', and here I sit, senses shattered bounce restored courtesy of Birmingham's General Hospital, simply wondering just what's hit me. Sure, we've heard loud mouths, but Nugent is nothing and Hagar is harmless compared to Manowar who quite simply stand totally and utterly alone in the realm of destruction! Big Mouths, bigger sound and total insanity for each and every nut present. Manowar live are utterly invincible. They're actually too loud for the human species to comprehend but, since they're following his predominantly in the animal league, than 'problem' is a noun non gratis. What can I say? The attack of the band is so lethal that it completely smashes any theories previously held as to how far this ugly animal Heavy Metal can venture into the realms of excess.... and success has a matter of course. Yet, beneath the amazing intensity there lies a band of imperious proficiency, a concept that cannot be ridiculed when its full live weight is bearing down on you. Quite simply, HM ecstasy... As you might well know, I've been in two minds as to how Manowar should be judged, and a pre-show tape of ethnic Chinese music clouded the issue still further. Yet, takingthe stage in the blaze of glory that is the song "Manowar", the band dispelled all previous doubts with the cutting edge of a gleaming broadsword. Joey DeMaio's long, dark mane, (death to false haircuts!)his face, Ross The Boss whips the faithful with axus incredible and Scott Columbus brings holocaust home to roost with intense nuclear drums. "It's death, man," what more can you say?! Well, I could mention the icing on the cake, the supreme vocal performance of Eric Adams, such a quiet, affable fella away from the lights, but in the glare of that follow-spot a diamond shiner. Everything you hear on record is reproduced by 'bellow lungs' and all vocals are pinned down with melodic furore. His handling of 'Battle Hymns' and 'Gates of Valhalla' was almost too much to bear. When he sports the studded gauntlet for 'Gloves of Metal' it's hardly frightening, but then again that's entertainment for you. Mind you, I wouldn't argue with the three broadswords which are produced for the encore. Twirled around in dervish fashion, crossed to signify 'death to false Metal', I loved every sweat-ridden action. With so much Metal aiming for this area and either falling flat on its arse or dying of boredom, Manowar are the real alternative to make you all believers. Live is their essence, live is their forte, and I make no apologies for granting them ultimate accolades.
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