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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang - 1983


Report Taken by Unknown

Manowar, whose cause has been consistently championed within these hallowed pages, have (we are pleased to announce) signed to new record companies across the world. In the US, the band have thrown in their not inconsiderable lot with Johnny Z's new Megaforce label. They inked the contract at the end of June with the backing of a huge ceremony, highlighted by Joey DeMaio and Ross The Boss signing their names in BLOOD! In the UK, they've gone with Music For Nations, whilst King Records (a division of Liberty) have them under contract in Japan. First album to appear under these new deals will be the 'Into Glory Ride' set, due for release on July 29. This should be followed by a 12" picture disc single featuring 'Defender' (the track with Orson Welles in full flight) and 'Gloves Of Metal'. And happily, it seems there will be no change in Manowar's mannish stance. For the cover of 'Into Glory Ride' will boast all four members of the band wielding weapons in suitably menacing fashion! On the live front, they hope to be playing a headlining UK tour during August/September.
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