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Maria Breon and Joey DeMaio

One of our collaborators, put under attention an interesting bunch of interviews about


In 2002, during a press conference, Joey DeMaio said: "And another project I'm working on, producing on and writing as well, is called HOLYHELL." Here, you can read the whole interview taken from Blabbermouth.

In 2009 Metalstorm Released an interview with Maria Breon and HolyHelly, she said: "Joey had a lot of compliments for the voice and the singing but he had a lot of desperate things to say about the songwriting and the music, you know, so it was a very interesting moment. But we kept in touch and started working together. He thought that I was definitely a dedicated person and that there was a lot of potential so he spent a lot of time developing me as an artist before the concept of HolyHell."

On her biografy on she declared: "Generally, My mother and Father are my first two heroes. They are both beautiful people who have always been supportive. They have phenomenal strength and courage. Musically, it is Joey Demaio; he is an incredible mentor and friend who also is very supportive of HolyHell and me. He is my best teacher."

And on another interview on, the same year she said: "As soon as the things started to get together, so did the songs and so on. So Joey's role is an array of things: development, production, writing and all around learning from touring to designing a concept, all these things. It's... a lot and enough, just take that, haha, you can imagine!"

But in 2010, Maria Breon gave an interview (you can read here the whole of it) to Carl Begai where she declared: "As I said, this is a vision that I had and I’ve been able to watch it come to life from the beginning. It certainly wasn’t Joey’s vision or somebody else that moulded me. I definitely pride myself on the fact that I was open to bring people that are really good at what they do and provide a vehicle for my vision."

So, what's happened to her and Joey? Our collaborator said it looked more like personal than professional disappointment... who knows....

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