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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Metal Hammer Uk - 12 1992


Report taken by Unknown Journalist

Manowar don't give a fig for the new sensitivity in Metal! They're still playing n ten, tackling the wenches and raping the land with sonic drama.

FURTH, Stadthalle, October 20, 1 992

Joey, Eric, Dave and Rhino have just heard that 'Triumph Of Steel’ has climbed even further in the German charts after its sensational chart entry at number after 35... it’s reached number eight! "Wooooowww!"
Eric is clearly pleased, while Joey doesn't mince his words after the initial hello.
"So you want to join us on the road for a couple of days? You know our reputation? You have to fuck three girls a night! At least! Other-wise you get kicked out."
Gulp. So the Pleasure Slave cliché is for real? Eric's still jubilant.
"Number eight... without a single release! Without MTV! Without a video! And that’s all thanks to the fans."
In the meantime, it’s business as usual. After the sound-check there's a photo session in front of the stage-set, and all this is scheduled before the doors open. But hang on... a photo session? Isn't that sort of thing usually over and done with before the tour?
"True," Eric admits. "We did a session in London before the tour started, but the day before we left New York for London, a friend of ours collected our stage outfits from the designer - and left them in the cab! He called me in the middle of the night saying 'Oh shit, what am I gonna do?'. So the photos from London were redone in replacement outfits, and they didn't turn out too good."
Joey is currently involved in serious flirtation with the make-up woman who's preparing the band for the session.
“I’ve never seen such beautiful lady before!"
"Oh, Joey, I bet you say that to all the girls!"
"Okay. I confess. A long time ago I used to be just a tiny little bit wild! But I was only practising for the moment you stepped into my life!"
Well, if that isn't much more imaginative chat-up line than the usual 'may-I? or-do-you-insist-on-a-dance-first’ routine... The hall has been filling up... with a half-hour delay, Martin Walkyier of Skyclad, who are proving a worthy support, does' his best to impress his audience with this German. “The next song is for all the posers and Glam Rock wankers who think they’re playing Heavy Metal! Like Poison! ‘The Declaration of Indifference’” (and all this in faultless German).The 2000 fans fin Furth display more than polite interest. Then the big moment has arrived and a deep voice announce
“Ladies and Gentlemen… from the United States of America….Manowar”
The two opening tracks ‘Manowar’ and ‘Fighting the world’ are as much part of every Manowar set as the clear, loud sound that drives my earplugs dangerously close to my ear-drums. Even the half-full glass of beer on the crate a good 30 metres away from the stage is vibrating dangerously. Somebody even takes the risk of lighting a fag directly in front of the speakers... there are no dummy cabinets in the Manowar backline, and each one of the Marshall amps is up and running. After
" brother Rhino on the drums of doom" has had his chance to introduce himself with a number of solos, the new fan anthem 'Metal Warriors' gives the unwanted guests a last chance. "Fuckin' wimps and posers... leave the fuckin' hall!"
The next 70 minutes can't be described - a Manowar gig has to seen to be believed. Just let me say this much: Joey DeMaio is definitely the best bassist in the world and has amazing rhetorical and theatrical abilities which lend an added dimension to a Manowar gig. Eric Adams could even teach Ian Gillan or Ronnie James Dio a trick or two. The number of beats Rhino delivers with one hand alone are more than most drummers on this planet can manage with both sticks. David Shankle is definitely in the Top10 of his field. After the fantastic show, there's the first disappointment for the party-starved guests. The 'wild backstage orgy' takes place behind closed doors and the public is excluded. Head of security Randy and Joey himself apologise later.
"This was our sixth gig," explained Randy." We had to sit down and discuss what needed improving..."
"We're perfectionists in every respect," added Joey. "If a fan tells us that our show was good, then that’s not enough – it’s got to be at least great!"
And then the question we've all been waiting for:
"Has anybody got the girl?" Promoter Rainer Hänsel wants to know. "There's this guy out-side who saw his girlfriend disappear back-stage with somebody from Manowar! He's going bananas."
I see! It turns out to be false alarm. The girl and some other fans are waiting in the wrong room for the right autographs - and they get them. Back at the coach, Eric grins and points to my bunk. Maybe the 'promised' three girls are already waiting? Where do I get condoms on the coach? But the bunk is deserted. Lucky escape? Or does that mean I have to have sex six times tomorrow? With a hearty
"American beer is piss! ' Joey tops a can of German beer and starts the small talk before the surprisingly early curfew. "We have to rest of a perfect show tomorrow."

OFFENBACH, 21 October, 1992

The local stage hands are greeted with a casual "Good morning" - at half past three in the afternoon "I’m sorry about the sound-check yesterday! As you know that was because of the photo session. Is everything else clear? Are there any problems?"
Joey wants to know of his support act. Yesterday's meeting has not been in vain. The different, much improved light-show is being tried out. Today’s venue is much bigger and higher than the one yesterday, so the top row of back- line amps can be used as a cat-walk as planned. Back in the changing room Eric is busy doing interviews.
"You come home, open the fridge and on alien comes hopping out - what do you do?" is only one of the questions that people want answered by Manowar... I ask the band what kind of problems they have in the UK - the review in the British edition of Metal Hammer was pretty dismal, to say the least.
"No problem! The guy only talked about our image! It doesn't matter whether he likes it or not. It’s the job of a professional journalist to judge whether the music is performed well or not! The guy’s obviously a real amateur. Fuck this poser!”
The show is even better than last night. Unbelievable. The mike cable, which was in full working order the sound check, suddenly goes dead, so Joey can’t be heard for a while…. Looks like I have to take on nine chicks tomorrow.

HANNOVER October 22, 1992

It’s pouring down with rain and the temperature are frighteningly low. Another lovely day in paradise! The venue is freezing cold.
“Just the right thing for the voice!” Eric Adams is clearly pissed-off and trudges off to the catering section in his padded jacket. Joey’s trying to fight the low spirits with a number of expertly delivered jokes which he illustrates with some impressive facial expressions.
“A guy knock on a farmhouse door and says to the little boy: ‘Go get your parents, there’s a man out there fuckingone of your sheep! – ‘Yea-eah-eah-eah! That’s my da-a-a-ad!”
The soundcheck lasts about two hours. Not because there are any sound problems, the band simply want to try out a new ideas and new breaks.
“All this is a bit hard for Rhino” says Eric. ”After all, he hasn’t been in the band very long. Dave’s been doing this for two years, he knows that Joey and I are always going: ‘Do it this way, why don’t you try that’. The poor guy really has to suffer at times”
Approximately 4 ,'000 faithful Metal fans have turned up - and very nearly made the trip in vain because there had been attempts to stop the show. Once again, somebody had taken offence to the line "back to the glory of Germany" from 'Blood Of The Kings' and interpreted "parallels to the cultural war propaganda of the Third Reich" into the track (a copy of the letter was sent to Metal Hammer). Eric is not a happy man!
"I’m really sick of it! Are these people going to prohibit Nordic legends and possibly even Wagner, just because some 50 years ago some idiots abused the terminology? We've incorporated all our album titles and even a number of song titles into this track – I just needed a word with three syllables for the title: 'Back To The Glory Of Ger-ma-ny' - I could have used I-ta-ly or Swit-zer-land, but we happen to have ten times as many fans in Germany than Switzerland, so I wanted to thank them for their support."
Hopefully the matter is settled once and for all, especially since I could not detect even the tiniest neo-fascist tendency. A clear sound which is easily bearable without earplugs and a great show compensate for all the drama. In the meantime I’ve got a credit of nine girls. But the 'pleasure slave' coach is joining us in Düsseldorf; this means girls - good friends of the band, female journalists, business women from all over the world... my last chance?

DÜSSELDORF October 24,1992

Some hypersensitive souls who prefer to play with themselves along to the latest Playboy/ Playgirl instead of getting down to business with the opposite sex still seem convinced that Manowar mutilate scantily-clad women with a whip backstage. A member of the Pleasure Slave entourage speaks of incredible horrors.
"The guys are really nice, they're constantly asking whether we've got enough to drink, enough chocolates and cigarettes and whether we're having a good time."
How do they feel about being called a Pleasure Slave?
"Hey man... can’t you take a joke?"
There are people around who think that 'typical Heavy Metal kids' are a thing of the past. Strangely enough, 6,000 of the endangered species turn up and witness the most excellent, professional, fantastic show Manowar have ever delivered. Hardly surprising considering the feedback the fans hove been giving the band. I can only join in Joey DeMaio's thank you to the German fans:
"Germany... that’s where the real Metal freaks are! New York? - Fuck you! Los Angeles? - Fuck You! Seattle? - Fuck You!"
Death to false Metal!
In Düsseldorf I finally gave up: 1 5 Pleasure Slaves behind and no hope of catching up, so I opted for an inconspicuous getaway.
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