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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Magazine Unknown - 2005


Author Unknown

Manowar are set to headline this year's Eartshaker Festival which takes place at Geiselwind, Germany on july 22/23. The event will mark the band's only 2005 German festival appearances including legendary actor Christpher Lee who will perform spoken words parts on "Defender" and "Dark Avenger" originally recorded by the late Orson Welles. The band will also put in an appearance with Italian power-metallers Rhapsody, performing the track "Unholy Warcry" live on stage. Christopher Lee is listed in the Guinnes Book Of Movie Fact Actors as being the international star with the most screen credits (223). He's also credited with the world record for the most swordfights on screen. Known to the current generation of movie goers as star of the Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars trilogies, Lee made his name in a host of bad-guy roles, most notably as Count Dracula and Bond villain Scaramanga. The festival will also play host to an international Manowar Fan Convention, which will see band members open their personal archives for special items to be on display as well as holdin workshop and seminars. Some of the original band members will be attending the convention along with "very special guests".
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