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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Metal Edge Usa Vol 32 N° 1 1987


Author Unknown

"I think finally we've made an album that captures our sound", says bassist Joey DeMaio about Manowar's fifth LP, Fighting the World, their first digitally recorded, major U.S. label (Atlantic) release.
With a strong following in Europe and a loyal legion of fans here, Manowar is proud of their status in the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest band in the world (160 decibels), and they'll support the record with continent dates before launching a U.S. tour in June.
"We've built our reputation as a live act", says Joey, who emphasizes sound quality over visuals in their show: "Most bands would be lost if they had to stand on the merits of true musicianship", he says.
Manowar's aiming for an arena tour opening slot ("the bigger the places, the louder we can play"), and challenges headliners to take on what guitarist Ross The Boss describes as "a wrecking machine of a band".
"It's a collection of four strong personalities on stage and off stage.
When you put that together it's a hard force to beat", says Joey of the band, which also includes his childhood friend Eric Adams (vocals) and drummer Scott Columbus, who joined after their debut album, Battle Hymns (1982).
"We are a cult band", says Ross, but he and Joey believe mega-success is "an eventuality" and have the patience to wait for it. "We prefer a slow, steady climb. If we wanted fast money we'd be doctors or lawyers", Joey says.
"We've been in control of our careers since day one and we knew when we formed the band we weren't taking the easy road. If we had to do it over again we'd do exactly the same thing".
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