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World Metal Report Usa - 2  1984


Interview taken by Unknown

MANOWAR is a band to be reckoned with. Recently World Metal Report visited New York. While there we visited with several groups. We had the opportunity to recelve the folloving interview, after the band played a gig at L'Mour's Night Club in the Queens.

WMR: MANOWAR's image is that of an aggressive warrior. Where did the concept come from?

MANOWAR: The look came from a desire to go one step further than anyone has gone in metal. We feel you have to get closer to the animal. A lot of fur, you know, imagery on stage, closer to the animal.

WMR: Would you say that this pertains to the band's inner feelings?

MANOWAR: Ya, it is basically that, we are what we are, you know.

WMR: With the look Manowar projects, as the so-called animal, a stage show must: be important to you?

MANOWAR: Yes, the stage show is very important. The stage show is simply us the gear, the music. Manowar doesn't rely on any effects (pyro-techniques). Our effect is that we play our instruments, our singer can sing and our drummer hits very hard.

WMR: Most of the metal bands today seem to be writing more on the satanic side. With Manowar the writing style is definitely different.

MANOWAR: We like to play more on the classical side. We're influenced by classical music. Basically we try to have a good mix on our albums. We're influenced by the German composer Richard Bachner (maybe Wagner?? - web masters's note). We feel his music is the best in the world.

WMR: Manowar has two albums out now, any technical info you can pass on to our readers?

ROSS THE BOSS: The first lp was remixed by John Mathias on EMI iín England and the second album on MegaForce also.

WMR: Do you have a time schedule for the third album?

MANOWAR: We will be releasing the tilrd LP entitled: "Hail To England" which was produced by Jack Richardson and recorded in Canada. It should be in the stores by late February. It's the best album that we've done. We put a song on it called "The Immortals" which is dedicated to our fans.

WMR: The title "Hail To England" is there a meaning behind it?

MANOWAR: England was the first country to pick us up. Our first LP came out on EMI and dropped us a month later. But the English rockers went crazy for it and they said "Hey this is something new in metal", and they've been with us ever since. We're going to England in February, long after this makes the pages of your mag. It is our first headline tour.

WMR: Will MANOWAR follov up the tour with a video?

MANOWARs We just produced a video "Gloves Of Metal" which was filmed upstate New York In the wilderness. We finished up our interview with one last question to Ross The Boss. We asked him what is Manowar really all about?
His answer was blunt and to the point.

ROSS: "Manowar is a name that came to us. Because we feel we are all soldiers of the battlefield of life. We feel everything in life is a battle and we are MANOWAR'."

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