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Metal Rules - 2000


Interview taken by Jeremy Pellgrin

Yup, old squeaky decided he wanted to do another interview. This time he got to do it with one of the gods of Heavy Metal. Us, being those gods Of Metal Magazines, had to do one with these guys! So, read on as Jeremy asks them all the important questions after Bob, from Metal Blade PR, keeps Jeremy on hold for 20 minutes to find out which one of MANOWAR wants to talk to our dumb asses.

Bright Eyed Bob: Jeremy? Jeremy:?
Jeremy: Yeah.

BEB: All right, Eric, this Is Jeremy from Metal Rules! Jeremy this is Eric from MANOWAR.

Jeremy: How's it going, dude?

Eric: How you doing, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Not too bad. Hey, where are you guys?

Eric. Uh, we're in L.A. right now.

Jeremy: Oh, cool. Do you have a show out there or...?

Eric. What's that?

Jeremy: Do you have a show out there or you on a vacation?

Eric: No, we've got a show out here tomorrow night.

Jeremy: Cool.

Eric: Out here with somebody.

Jeremy: Oh, nice. All right we'll start off with... with, uh, alright... this'll be a serious one.

Efic: Okay. I can hardly hear you, we've got a lousy connection.

Jeremy: Oh really?

Eric: I can hear you but it sounds like you're in West Jesus, Nebraska.

Jeremy: Pretty close, I'm in Jersey. (Both laugh) All right, how about now?

Eric: About the same, but go ahead.

Jeremy: Aww shit. All right. What do you think of the Metal scene today? Do you think it's trying to stage a comeback or do you think it's just kind of floundering like it has been for a while?

Eric: I think the Metal scene in America is making a big comeback, man. Judging from our crowd, judging from what is going on out in the streets today, I think it's gonna make a big comeback and I think it's gonna happen next year. I think it's gonna be really hugs next year. I just rood in Metal Edge, one of the magazines here in America that all these Metal festivals coming into America now. Not just the Milwaukee Fast, they've got one in Dallas coming up next year. They've got, like, six or seven metal shows coming up next year, festivals. So that's pretty cool.

Jeremy: Yeah, we just had that in Jersey, The Metal Meltdown.

Eric: Yeah, that's right, you got one out there too. That's right.

Jeremy: You gonna play that next year.?

Eric: Next year we've got to get a now album out; man.

Jeremy: Ah, right.

Eric: But who knows, we might need a break. We may need a break from the studio. Get our asses out there and play.

Jeremy: That'd be awesome to see you guys.

Eric: Yeah.

Jeremy: Do you guys miss the days of VENOM, GRIM, REAPER, BON JOVI and STRYPER?

Eric., Man, we don't miss th  those days. We don't miss them, we've moved on, man. You know what I mean?

Jeremy: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Eric: Those days were cool, we had parties back then. Our parties just got bigger, we moved on. I don't know what happened to those hands, but we just kept moving on, brother. (Well, we all know what happened to Stryper. Just read Metal Rules #4! For the answer Jeff)

Jeremy: Ah, hell yeah. In case the Metal thing never worked out did you guys ever plan on joining professional wrestling?

Eric: What's that? I'm sorry, I didn't hear it.

Jeremy: If the Metal thing didn't work out for you guys back then did you ever consider joining professional wrestling?

Eric: Nah. Shit, I wouldn't do that 'cause if works outta some place in the world. That's why we've been to Europe so many damn times, The Metal scene was happening out there and it's about time it's fucking happening here in America.

Jeremy: Yeah, you're telling me.

Eric: Yeah.

Jeremy: I can't afford tickets out there.

Eric: We've got this two hour video coming out in January, man. People are gonna see what metal is all about.

Jeremy: Cool.

Eric: Very cool. It's over two hours long.

Jeremy: Holy shit!

Eric: It's almost done. It's gonna be released I think right around Christmas or right after Christmas. And it shows backstage what's going on. It's got a lot of live things happening when we're over there. It's part one of separate sections. Part one of it is when Carl (Karl) joined the band right up until '97 or '98. And then next tape picks up from then on and it comes out later.

Jeremy: Damn, that's an epic.

Eric: Oh let me tell you that it's really, really fucking happening.

Jeremy: Is it? I'm gonna have to look for that.

Eric: Yeah, man. It's fucking great. It's got some great shit on it.

Jeremy: Awesome. How many shirt sizes have you dropped and how pants sizes have you jumped up (since the 80's)? (Eric laughs)

Eric: We'll let me tell you, we always have to watch our weight, we always have to watch our figure because that's part of what we are. I want to say an image but it's not an image, it's what we really are. I lift weights all the time, we all do. As a matter of fact when we pick hotels, this hotel we're in now has a gym in it. We have to have gyms on the road. I bring my weights on the road with me. So we really watch ourselves; we eat healthy.

Jeremy: Yeah, you guys are fucking ripped on your covers.

Eric: Yeah man. it's not an an easy thing. If it was easy then everybody else would be like that. (Jeremy laughs)

Jeremy: You're telling me.

Eric:  It's  not an easy deal but it's something that we feel is pretty important. That's the way we want to be and that's the way it's got to be.

Jeremy: Yeah, I hear you. Do you think it's Joe's turn to he the gay one? We've got Joe ever here who is our editor. (Fuck you...  JOE) (Told you he was gay - Jeremy)

Eric: Do you think it's whose turn to he what?

Jeremy: Joe, our editor, do you think it's his turn to be the gay guy? (I guess Jeremy is sick of being known as the gay one  Jeff) (You're damn right!  Jeremy)

Eric: The gay guy?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Eric: Fuck, I don't deal with gay guys, man. I'm fucking chicks every night, okay?

Jeremy: Not you guys...

Eric: I got nothing against.. I figure the more gay guys there are in the world the more chicks there are for me.

Jeremy: I never thought of it that way.

Eric., that's the way you got to look at it, brother. (Eric laughs)

Jeremy: I never thought of it that way. That's pretty fucking good. That's pretty fucking awesome. So you guys play much D&D, lord knows I did.

Eric: Play much what?

Jeremy: D&D.

Eric: Not too much. Not too much time.

Jeremy: So when is your new studio album coming out? Is there any plan or are you guys just gonna get together next year and start recording?

Eric. rho new studio album, brother, will be coming out when it's fucking finished. Fucking done, I don't  know when that's gonna be but I know it will not be four years.

Jeremy: Okay. That's good.

Eric: it will not be four years. We've been fucking really busy kicking ass all over the world. This is the end of, like, a two year thing for us. And it's not over yet. I mean, we finish this leg of America, we get done October 31st, I get home November 1st November, 6th I'm out again to Scandinavia, with DIO and MOTORHEAD opening the show for us. We bring that show right through Russia and Poland. Come home for Christmas and right in January we start kicking ass again on the East Coast of America. So when that gets done, probably in February or so, when that gets all done, its time to sit down in the studio to start working on the now album.

Jeremy: What are the crowds like out there in Scandinavia?

Eric: Oh, they're fucking great. We just did festivals out them all summer long. We headlined every major festival out there.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Eric: We co headlined a few with METALLICA and the rest of them we just headlined ourselves. It was
fucking incredible. You're playing for thirty thousand people a night, a Holland festival we played for fifty thousand people out there. They're all fucking Metalheads and they're all fucking into it. It's fucking great.

Jeremy: Yeah So when was the last time you guys slayed a dragon? (A joke that went wrong - Angus) (Jeremy meant when did you actually slay a dragon?  Jeff) (I know what I meant fucker!  Jeremy)

Eric: A dragon? Shit, I can't remember the last time we played that song. We play just about every song we've ever recorded live at one point or another. I don't know, the Dragon, it was part of the regular set I think four years ago when we were out.

Jeremy: Oh. So which would be more like hell, listening to Barry Manilow sing "Copacabana" or hanging out with the Bay City Rollers for eons? (Eric laughs)

Eric: I've got to be honest with you, they're both hell. They're both hell, okay?

Jeremy: Okay. I was just curious. Did you ever call the shit "poop?"

Eric: What?

Jeremy: Did you ever call shit "poop?"

Eric: Yeah.

Jeremy: All right, just checking.

Eric: Was that part of the question?

Jeremy: Huh?

Eric: What kind of a question is that?

Jeremy: I don't know, that was an off the cuff one. I dropped my page. So do you really believe that Biggie Smallz and 2 Pac are dead?

Eric: Who?

Jeremy: Biggie Smallz and 2Pac?

Eric: I hope they are, man.

Jeremy: Yeah, good answer.

Eric: I've had enough of that shit.

Jeremy: Do you think there will ever be an East Coast/West Coast Metal War?

Eric: I don I think so. I think Metal is Metal all over the world and I think true Metal is hard to find, but Metal is Metal all over the world and there is not gonna be a war. We're all brothers here. We're all out to kick some fucking ass and that's what we do.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Eric: it's just a question of who does it more and who does it best.

Jeremy: Rock on. Which do you prefer ale or mead?

Eric: What?

Jeremy: Which do you prefer ale or mead?

Eric: Me or who?

Jeremy: Mead.

Eric: Mead?

Jeremy: Yeah. (Eric laughs)

Eric: Where do you get these questions, man?

Jeremy: I've got a lot of free time.

Eric: Ale or, what's it, mead?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Eric: I don't even know what the fuck that is, brother.

Jeremy: That's that Viking Beer.

Eric: Oh shit. Yeah. I know what you're talking about. I get it now. Let me tell you something, I think as
long as it gets me where I got to be I don't give a fuck, I don'tgive a fuck what it is.

Jeremy: That's good, we would have also accepted mead. So how does it feel to be in the most electrifying Metal magazine in the world?

Eric. Fucking great, man. I think magazines like yourself and a lot of other magazines out there, man, if they keep covering the band and they keep talking about the band and the fans keep spreading the news that we're out here in America, that's what makes the thing happen, that's what makes it what it is. The more people that hear about it the better it is.

Jeremy: Very nice. Do you have anything that you want to plug or anything like that?

Eric: Yeah, I want to plug this new video that's coming out. That's our next big deal.

Jeremy: That's the next big thing?

Eric: Really write about that, talk aboat it. It's X rated it's really fucking cool.

Jeremy: Whoa.

Eric: it shows all the parties backstage.

Jeremy: Nice.

Eric: How many hands do you know that ore, gonna show chicks eating each other in their own video?

Jeremy: None. Except for you guys.

Eric: Hey man, that's what MANOWAR is.

Jeremy: Right. When you guys tour do you come anywhere, like, in the Philly area?

Eric: Yeah, we're supposed to do the East Coast in January or February. I think January. We're gonna start in Maryland and go down to Florida and then come back up.

Jeremy: Oh, that's good.

Eric: Yeah, that'd be cool.

Jeremy: 'Cause we'd like to see you guys.

Eric: Yeah that would be cool, man.

Jeremy: So would you do us a big favor?

Eric: Sure.

Jeremy: Would you cut us a message for our answering machine?

Eric: Yeah, man.

Jeremy: Just like, you've reached the offices of Metal Rules! and we're out. And leave something goofy.

Eric: Okay.

Jeremy: Just what ever you feel like.

Eric: All right, brother.

Jeremy: Just try to be as loud as you can.

Eric Now this is for your answering machine, yeah?

Jeremy: Yeah. Okay, thanks, dude. GO!

Eric: Hey listen up you Metalheads, you're talking to Metal Rules! Okay? So leave a fucking cool message or go fuck yourself. This is Eric Adams from MANOWAR. Yeeeaaaaahhh! (Jeremy laughs)

Jeremy: That's awesome, dude.

Eric: All right, brother.

Jeremy: Thanks, man. You take care.

Eric: Okay, brother. Catch you later.

Jeremy: All right, dude, see ya.
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