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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Hit Parader Uk October 1987


Report taken by Unknown on Metal Meltdown Section

" 'Death to false metal,' has long been the battle cry of New York's power metal masters, Manowar. True to their word, on their latest vinyl opus, Fighting The World, guitarist Ross The Boss, bassist Joey DeMaio, vocalist Eric Adams and drummer Scott Columbus have created an album that plows ahead with a metallic intensity that is downright awesome. Heck, this album even features a guest appearance by actor Orson Welles - and he's been dead for two years! If anyone plays music loud enough to wake the dead it's Manowar.
'There are just too many bands that think they're playing heavy metal when all they're doing is playing pop music," Ross The Boss explained. "We're out to show everyone what real metal is. We know that Manowar isn't for everybody - but we ought to be.' "

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