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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Metal Forces Uk - 47 1990


Report taken by Chris Emblem for "Frontline Section"

MANOWAR, much praised, much maligned, much slated. There isn't any right or wrong as regards the criticism towards this band - you either love them or hate them and tonight served to accentuate that. Their OTT manner is quite laughable but it’s honest showmanship which is a commodity lacking in many bands these days. After a tediously long wait and build up the band took to the stage with "Manowar" from their debut album. Hell was it loud? The sound threatened distortion and my ears threatened divorce! Manowar have always claimed to be the loudest band around and I’m not going to argue with them, but if it reduces the enjoyment of the songs then why bother? Even so, the excellent sound system coped with its abuse and saved the show. The set was a compilation of all their albums and Manowar treated each song as an epic with drawn out crescendo endings worthy of BAD NEWS. ‘Blood Of My Enemies’ brought back memories and was followed by ‘Kings Of Metal' which brought us back up-to-date. The best rendition was of ‘Heart 0f Steel’ which did the ballad justice. When in full flight Manowar were more than enjoyable, the likes of ‘Wheels Of Fire’ setting the feet tapping and head banging. Dave Shankle's guitar solo was less than impressive, he fits the macho image ofManowar but lacks the presence andability to his predecessor Ross The Boss.Joey DeMaio offered ‘Sting 0f TheBumble Bee’ as his bass playing exhibition and performed as admirably as ever. Joey'sbass work is an area that MANOWAR have an edge over their competitors and so I consider his bass exhibition an essential part of Manowar live. The best part of the audience lapped up the bravado and were particularly vociferous during ‘Hail And Kill’ and again with the traditional Manowar show closer ‘Battle Hymns’ Manowar may become a parody of themselves but they don’t imitate anyone else and stand by their convictions which is fine by me. Hail Brother etc.."
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