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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang Uk - 1990


Report taken by Paol Elliot

A DOZEN reasons why none but Manowar are true heirs to the mantle Kings Of Metal:
1. They've got more Marshalls packed into the Country Club than have ever been assembled by any other band anywhere. Ever.
2. And they blew the lot!
3. And it's louder than hell even in the car park!
4. Nostrils flaring, Joey DeMaio went and did it again, didn't he? He played the ultimate heavy metal bass solo. Dead fast.
5. Thunderbeast Scott Columbus is the living incarnation of Obelisk (of Asterix cartoon strip fame).
6. Never mind the bollock ! These are real men of metal and they're ready to prove it by sporting bear skins and no friggin' underpants!
7. There's this brilliant bit where Joey and new terror- axe god Death Dealer kneel either side of vocalist Eric Adams and offer up their guitars in mock sacrifice. Eric then rubs them gleefully.
8. Eric then holds a note long enough for Joey and Death to swap weapons, tune up and sink a flagon of ale!
9. They return for an encore within 30 seconds with the reassurance: "You don't need to shout anymore. We don't go through the bullshit of making people wait for true metal!"
10. The encore, 'Army Of The Immortals', is prefaced with the line, "Grab hold of yer balls! I know you all got 'em!"
11. Hey, Manowar rock!
12. And Orson Welles was their mate.
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