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Kerrang Uk - Special Edition 1 1984


Interview taken by Paul Roland

From the article "The state of independents”

One American band - which claims to owe its survival to the support of English fans - is MFNs standard bearers Manowar.
Fearless fret fanatic Joey DeMaio remembers how the band went to MFN after being dropped by Liberty and through “perseverance, hard work and determination" eventually demolished the wall of indifference that had previously blocked their way.

"If you can't talk to the president of your record company face-to-face, there's something wrong. The indies have more foresight and I believe that in the UK they have the ability to run neck-and-neck with the majors. At the moment there is an underground network which uses word of mouth to break new bands, where fans will seek out your record wherever it is because they are dedicated."

So why, now that Manowar have raised their enemies' hamlets to the ground, do they not go for another major deal?

"We are not interested in being an overnight sensation. We don't find the budgets restrictive because we rehearse so much that once in the studio we work fast and need only a week to record an album."

Did he feel the proliferation of indie labels meant that an act could be signed before they were ready, that a long road to a major deal sorted out he men from the boys?

"Who is to say what 'being ready for a major deal' is?he replied rhetorically. Musicians don't buy records, fans do. If I wanted to buy a record of someone playing the sitar and screaming then someone should be releasing his records.”

Joey believes that there will always be indie labels though some may become absorbed by the majors. In the States the indie market is not so clearly defined and there are no 'major indies' like Virgin.

"The American labels have a bigger battle to wage. Manowar's cause is true HM, but in the States there is a lot of False Metal.''
Manowar first surfaced on the New York indie Megaforce, whose MD, the 'legendary' Johnny Z, joins Joey's chant of "death to False Metal”.

Unveil The Truth About Manowar
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