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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Kerrang Uk - 1994


The Manowar guide to pulling "hot chicks" - as revealed to Dave Reynolds!

Some bands you'd be happy to introduce your girlfriend to, some you wouldn't. Of the latter, Manowar top the list! Every night on tour, Manowar pick members of the audience to get up onstage during the battle anthem, "Kings of Metal". Most are women, usually the ones best described by the band as "hot stuff"… In Hanover, two of the girls "lucky" enough to be invited up are 21 - years old Katy and her best friend, 20 - years old Jasmine. Joey takes an instant liking to Jasmine, and if he didn't have more pressing engagements (the gig!) he probably wouldn't have been seen for a couple of hours…

"We have no problem in stopping the show if we see a hot chick out there," says Joey. "And we make sure we grab her attention and invite her to come backstage. Alone."

Manowar should've penned 'You're Invited But Your Friend Can't Come'!

"Sometimes things happen so fast that the boyfriend usually doesn't know they've gone!" laughs Eric.

Sometimes they do. I really felt for the guy who had to watch his girlfriend get up onstage in Wolverhampton during 'Kings of Metal'. Not only did he witness DeMaio thrusting his tongue down her throat; he had to watch her shoving her hands inside the bassist's pants… Still, sometimes there are benefits.

"I was talking to this chick in Berlin last night and I'd remembered seeing her with another girl," relates Joey. "I asked her where her friend was and she replied, 'She had to go home to f**k her boyfriend. After hearing Eric's voice and this kind of music, her next thought was, 'Where's my boyfriend?'. "So I asked, 'Are you saying Manowar's music makes girls horny?'. She says, 'Yes I am!'."

When it comes to pulling, you won't hear DeMaio boasting to any girls that he's just become the World's Loudest Musician…

"I don't believe in chat-up lines, simply because they don't work. Women are plagued with chat-up lines. The last thing they want to hear is yet another one. Besides, women know the minute they first look at a guy whether or not they're gonna f**k him. In that instant you win or lose. The only thing that works is meaningful conversation and getting down to the real nitty-gritty.

I wonder, in the meaningful conversation he had with Jasmine later that evening, did he discover that her absolute favourite artists were Journey and Richard Marx?!

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