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Magazine Unknown - 1988


Author Unknown

FURTHER TO last week's Mayhem story in which it was revealed that Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss had quit the band on the eve of the release of their latest album 'The Metal Kings', bass player and self appointed band spokesman Joey DeMaio contacted the newz desk with this to say:
"Ross has left on perfectly amicable terms. We started this band together eight years ago with one mission, to play the heaviest Metal in the world and it's because Manowar are still committed to this, that Ross has now left. If Ross had stayed in the band it would have been terribly false. His playing style is no longer compatible with our music, he's getting married soon and he felt that he wasn't giving 100percent commitment to the band."
In contrast to the latter statement, Joey went on to describe Ross' playing on the new LP to be, "a monument to Metal; he's gone out on top and we will always remain brothers in the field of combat."
Look out for a world tour commencing in North America this autumn with a full European tour set to start in UK sometime next February.
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