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Metal Hammer Uk - 1  1993


From "In his own words"

The madness that comes with perfection: no backstage shots without stage outfit, no okay for the release of video shots if there happens to be one wrong note on the material. "if a fan tells us that our new song is 'good' we just forget about it. 'Good' is not good enough, the song has to be at least outstanding'. Another statement that says it all by Manowar mastermind Joey DeMaio. So what else is there to tell about the eight outstanding songs on the new album 'The Triumph Of Steel?

'Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts'

"The tracks on our albums always have been pretty long. A lot of Metal fans have implied that they'd like another long Manowar song like for example 'Guyana' or 'Dark Avenger' on our next album. Of course there are also Manowar fan who prefer our fast songs, others are more into the slow stuff... We want to make all our fans happy! So we said to ourselves: let's do another epic track which happen to be something the band is famous for anyway. It took a lot of work to do all the different parts. But every section has its meaning: when you read the story you will understand that, for example, the drum solo symbolises the the building of a new army the hammering of the drum sounds like a hammer on an anvil. The bass solo symbolises the desecration of Hector, who has his ankles pierced and is tied to the chariot. Of course it takes a while for the listener to work all this out. We don't make easy music for stupid people!"

'Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part I)'

"This song is about our audience; about the brothers and sisters of Metal the Manowar fans! Because the Heavy Metal fans helped Manowar to get out of the small clubs and into large venues. Our audience made us 'The Kings Of Metal' they are our 'Metal Warriors'. So: wimps and posers, leave the hall!”

'Ride The Dragon'

"There's a fantasy background behind this song: we're living in a world where we sometimes want to get as far away from all the trouble as possible be it the problems in the former East Germany, in New York or the riots in L.A. So everybody likes to escape into a fantasy world. The dragon is one of these fantasies: you can fly through the air on his back leave all your troubles behind and feel the magic power...

'Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee'

"The Indians were the original inhabitants of America. They lived according to laws that our society today doesn't understand: they lived their life day by day, the lived for nature! And they survived. This way of life has completely disappeared. Also there's some Indian blood in this band, so this subject is very special to us."


"This song is about the fact that we all have some sort of problem or another that we have to come to terms with. And everybody has his or her own belief. Some people believe in heaven, others in hell. Everybody's entitled to their own beliefs. I for my part believe that we have enough trouble in this world, in other words it's hell. When we die at the end of the rainbow – there’s got to be something better than this.”

'Power Of Thy Sword'

“This is about the band: when we are on stage we don't just play music, we're practically fighting with the power of our swords the guitars  are our swords; the strings are made of steel... the song also says that you can't understand Manowar by just listening to the records: you have to take the trouble of putting lyrics, music and our show into context. You have to see the band you have to see us fight on stage with our swords! Then you will understand what Manowar is all about!"

'Demon's Whip'

"Dave and Rhino like to watch horror films, 24 hours a day they should open a video library one day. 'Demon's Whip is a fantasy theme from one of these horror films.  We actually wrote the song as soundtrack for the film  'Hell Raiser',  but as as you can imagine it was  too heavy for the film people, ha ha ha!”

'Master Of The Wind'

"That's a very special song: we got a letter from a Manowar fan who was sick in hospital and it was his dream to meet Manowar before he died. Of course we thought at first that the letter was all bullshit, you understand? That's why we got in touch with his parents and found out that it was all true. So we went to the hospital to visit the guy. It was really sad to look on helplessly while such a young guy only had a few more weeks to live. At the time we'd just worked on this song and played it to him on the recorder. He thought it was fantastic and said that he wished all Manowar fans could hear it. We later changed it a little and now all Manowar fans can hear it! The message suits the occasion: there will be good days again, and if this boy is not around to see the good days here on earth then maybe somewhere else maybe beyond the rainbow."

Postscript: The boy in question has died. And the last sceptics at the Manowar gig will now realise that the letter of thanks from the parents that was read out before the encore, 'Battle Hymn', was no fake!
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