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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Magazine Unknown - 1988


Author Unknown

ROSS THE BOSS has left Manowar to form his own band, which will apparently be more blues-orientated than the New York Metal outfit. The former Dictators/Shakin Street guitarist does play on the forthcoming Manowar album 'The Metal Kings' (due to be released by the Atlantic label on October 28), but once recording was complete the four band members sat down and compared future plans and prospects, at which point it became clear than an amicable parting of the ways would be best for all concerned. Ross' replacement in the Manowar camp is Dave Shankle, from Chicago, a man who answers locally to the nickname of the 'Death Dealer' and whose specialty is playing with both hands over the top of the neck! Needless to say, he will have a solo spot when Manowar (the line-up is completed by bassist Joey DeMaio, vocalist Eric Adams and drummer Scott Columbus) head back out on the road, first in the US with European dates to follow. However, his debut appearance with the band will be on the video for 'Wheels Of Fire', a track from the new album, scheduled to be filmed shortly over in the States.
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