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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Magazine Unknown 1999


Report taken by Paul Schwarz

WIMPS and posers are advised to speedily leave the hall, Manowar have come to kick ass once again with this, their second live album. With older classics like 'Bridge of Death', 'Dark Avenger' and 'March For Revenge' set alongside more recent works such as 'Outlaw' and 'The Power' – all played out with the finest of live sounds and utmost playing ability - 'Hell On Stage...' is undoubtedly a must for any Manowar fan. Of course, even between this and Manowar's last double-live offering, 'Hell On Wheels: Live', there are still songs missing which I would love to hear, but that is only because Manowar have so much great material that you couldn't fit all the best songs onto even four discs. One of the most powerfully performed and well constructed live documents that I’ve ever heard from this world's greatest heavy metal band. ‘Nuff said.(9)
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