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Metal Hammer Uk - 1987 Live On Stage


Report taken by Dave Ling

It's been well over two years since Manowar last played on British soil, and tonight they returned as conquering heroes. They'd done some disappointing business in terms of ticket sales on the rest of their European jaunt, but still managed to pull in 1,000 in Manchester and fill downstairs at the Odeon to bursting point. Of course that's nothing to Iron Maiden or Bon Jovi, but bearing in mind the content of Manowar's show I'm sure they were pleased with the turnout.

When the buzz had cooled, Manowar's intro tape started. Classical sounds mingled with jangling bazookis, and tension began to mount. Then suddenly the lights dimmed and Orson Welles (RIP) rumbled "from the United States Of America... Manowar". The reaction was quite astonishing, as normally placid head bangers leapt in the air and shook their heads and fists to the beat. Some things never change, and 'Manowar' set things in motion for the headliners. As usual, Joey DeMaio prowled every inch of the stage, dwarfed by the fifty or so cabinets that cast a shadow over the playing area. He seemed to be oblivious that he was still wearing his leather underwear as he strutted about, doing manic bunny hops (!) and letting rip with a series of thunderous bass riffs that shook you right down to your socks. The whole thing was just so over the top that It defied mere words- Ross The Boss inspected the front rows, looking for women and nodding at faces from tours of old, alt the while enforcing his reputation as one of the most underrated six-stringers In the business. There's not much to add to what Gozt Kuhnemund said last month, Manowar are one of the best live bands in the world. Eric Adams tosses notes about, never fearing to venture into the higher ranges, and adding operatic touches here and there. And drummer Scott Columbus has to be one of the heaviest around, the man's a human battering ram. The volume was truly staggering, and Hammersmith that night was not a place for the faint hearted.

"This one's called 'Kill with Power," said Adams halfway through.

"Oh my God", said the guy who'd traveled from Cornwall next to me, and took pride in telling everybody. He then proceeded to get his organ out, I kid you not. 'All Men Play On 10' and 'Hail To England' were foolish omissions, but then after five albums you can't expect a band to play everything. By the time 'Battle Hymns' had brought things to a close, I doubt if the audience had much energy in reserve anyway. An evening of True Metal, intended for true metal fans only. I loved it. But as a post script could I make a plea on behalf of the people who attend metal gigs at Hammersmith? The security has become rather over-zealous recently, and I was rather perturbed at the fact that it took three bouncers to restrain two female fans who wanted to get to the front during the last song. Whatever they may have done, there was no excuse for the violence inflicted upon them by the Hammersmith bouncers. Let's cool it, Okay?
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