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Heavy Metal Time USA - 3 volume 1   1983


Interview taken by Dave Hutchinson

While "Ross the Boss" was warming up Black Sabbath on a European tour in a French band called Shakin' Street, Joe Damaio was also working this tour as a pyrotechnician. The two met and later decided to form the loudest, heaviest, most overkill metal band in the world. Being, at one time, a member of Elf with David "Rock" Feinstein and Ronnie James Dio, Joey had also played in various other New York bands, leading him to meet Eric Adams. The three, together with Donnie Hamzik, who has since been replaced by Scott Columbus, had formed a stable, overkill lineup. I had a chance to speak with these men of metal and learned some interesting things about Manowar.

HMT: What all is included in this tour?
JOEY DEMAIO: This tour has been comprised of four dates, those being two small club dates in preparation for the two Paramount Theatre dates.
HMT: Why is this being billed as the March for Revenge Tour?
JOEY: We are seeking revenge on creeps and record companies who don't understand the music we are playing. We are seeking revenge on the jerks on the radio who don't play the kind of music we play. We are seeking revenge on all the idiots who try to keep us down. We came out live to show everybody that we are everything we said we are. We are the kings of heavy metal and we had to play live in New York for all our fans.
HMT: What is your opinion of Battle Hymns? Did you like that album?
JOEY: We enjoyed doing it but unfortunately, it was sort of ruined by the engineer we had chosen. However, mistakes do happen and you have to move on. We are done with our second album and it should be out for release this summer.
HMT: How do the songs on the new album compare with the songs on Battle hymns?
SCOTT COLUMBUS: There is no comparison. I think the second album is better because it is heavier.
ERIC ADAMS: It's a lot more melodic from a singer's standpoint. The first album was quite a bit of high end to show how high I could sing. The new one is still up there in the high end, but being more melodic.
HMT: If you don't get an American record deal, will you go to Europe to seek one?
JOEY: Yes, that's our plan.  In fact, we are going to wait on an American deal because it seems as though America wants a band only after they are somebody somewhere else.
HMT: Are you going to tour Europe?
JOEY: Yes, definitely.
HMT: How extensive of a tour will it be?
JOEY: We aren't sure at this point, but we do know people over there are waiting to see us and hat's where we have to go.
HMT: What happened with Capitol Record Company?
JOEY: The problem was a combination of our management not solidifying with the record company. Capitol was going through a great upset at the time our album was released. It was just a stroke of bad luck that our album was released when Capitol fell apart.
HMT: What about the situation with your manager, Bill Accoin?
JOEY: Ties will be soon severed.
HMT: What happened with Donnie Hamzik? Did you ask him to leave?
JOEY: Yes, we did ask him to leave. Donnie was a good drummer. He just wasn't a metal drummer. His heart was not black and he didn't want to kill on the drums. We want to play black metal and so does Scott. That's why he's here. Scott's heart is truly black.
SCOTT: I've been thrown out of bands for playing too heavy and too hard.
HMT: How long has Scott been with Manowar?
JOEY: He's been with us since December and has played only four shows. In this short time, he has learned the old album as well as the new one.
HMT: What does Manowar represent?
JOEY: We are those who will stand up for causes that no one else will. We are a hero figure to those who can't be who they want to be; which they can do through us and through our music. We want to collect an attitude whereby one can do whatever he choses to do in life if he perseveres. ERIC: We want to bring out some talent in this world instead of the New Wave Crap that's popular now.
HMT: Is there any barbaric idea behind the outfits you wear on stage?
JOEY: The idea for the outfits came when we decided to form the heaviest, the loudest, and the most raw, energized metal band going." The other bands are all wearing leather and studs, and we had to go heavier in our appearance because we have gone heavier in our sound. We had to get closer to the animal; the animal in ourselves and the animal in the crowd. In order to do that, we had to go back a few hundred thousand years in order to bring out the savagery in the music. That's why we wear fur and swords.
HMT: Why no Manowar souvenirs?
JOEY: Now is not the right time. We just don't want to put out any T-shirt or pin that says, Manowar. When we put the name Manowar on something, it has got to be the ultimate because we are the ultimate and everything we do has to convey that idea.
HMT: Scott, since you are the newest member to the group, how do you feel about Manowar?
SCOTT: It's great to be in the greatest heavy metal band ever!
HMT: What did you listen to while growing up? Also, who were and are your major influences?
JOEY: I listened to Mountain, Cream, early Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. As a band, we have no one major influence. Rather, just kind of the whole sixties era, when bands were bands, nothing  fake.
HMT: What are your future plans and long range goals for Manowar?
JOEY: There are no long range goals other than to stick together, keeping Manowar alive and burning! Our one plan, if any, is to go heavier every album instead of doing the reverse.
HMT: Do you have anything you'd like to add for our readers?
JOEY: Yes, we are sorry that they have to suffer with all of the false metal in the world but now that Manowar is here, suffer no more!
Unveil The Truth About Manowar
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