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Curiosities, Memories, Tour Reports and So On

Magazine Unknown - 1992


Report taken by Mark J. Petracca

Palasesto – Milano – Wimps they are not! Fans they have plenty in Italy as other choice cities across Europe (try 15,000 in the Stadium of Peace In Athens) and Japan. You must see them first hand to decide what all the hype is about A converted indoor sports arena awaits the lour lads from America like a sacrificial offering to Kong. The crowd has swelled lo capacity, many sporting the T-shirts of their metal comrades due on stage momentarily. In a crescendo of sheer volume, arms raised over their heads, the right hand locking me left wrist. the crowd howls with anticipation The Kings of Metal have come to entertain their brethren. From the deafening roar of the opening self-titled battle cry "Manowar" emanating from a towering wall of speakers designed by Springsteen's former road tech guru John “Dawk" Stillwell that anchor the back of the stage. Manowar s call is a call to join in. By the fourth song. 'Metal Warriors." from their latest offering, The Triumph of Steel, the Italians are singing the refrain in unison: "Heavy metal or no metal at all/wimps and poseurs leave the hall."
What follows is a true display of frenzies, fanatical and devoted tans joined at the hip with a band virtually unknown in America. The songs are almost secondary to the spectacle of a live Metal rock 'n' roll expedience (It should be noted that a couple of years ago a music poll commissioned by Stolchnaya vodka in Russia named this band the third-most-requested live show they'd like to see, behind Michael Jackson and PinkFloyd, tied with The Beatles!) Two-and-half hours later is over. The band, its fans, road tech — everyone in the arena is soaked lo the bone with perspiration, drained of any strength they might have carried withthem into the situation, and smiling from ear to ear. They've received their money’s worth. And if you didn't wear your earplugs (thankfully, I did), partially deaf from a band Dawk promises will regain the tag “the loudest band on the planet” for the Guinness Book of World Records on next year’s tour.
Backstage it is hugs, kisses, and schmoozing Italian style as the local promoterClaudio Trotta, his staff, assorted public relations folk, and countless fans pose forphotos with their American heroes I manage to get Joey alone for a moment tocongratulate him for me evening when he is suddenly pulled away from me by anItalian family (three generations) eager to show him pictures from the bands lastvisit to Italy and the subsequent passage of time within that family Joey is all toohappy to oblige them with new photo opportunities. Tom Miller, the bands managerlooks at me and smiles. "Its like this all over Europe 'The Triumph of Steel is alive and well in Europe, Only America awaits her heroic efforts.
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