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Crucible  Usa - 3 1984

CURSES! THE "BLACK WIND" and other fouls thoughts by Ross The Boss

Interview taken by Deb Brown

Manowar toured the UK recently and 1 was fortunate enough to get an interview with Ross The Boss for the local radio station - KFM. Here's a very edited version of our chat...Boy! could this man talk!!

You've just completed a tour of Europe, how did that go?

Ross: Amazing. It was our first time over there and the response was just incredible. The album sales have been just amazing.

A lot of Manowar material is a little hard to digest at times. All your songs seem to be about good against evil - fighting for what you want and false metal. Do you not feel you're limiting yourselves in your scope for lyrics?
R: Well. I'll tell you the truth now. We're sick and tired of all these bands coming out and talking about drugs, drinking, their hangovers and the girls they pulled the night before. I think it's been done to death and I think we're the only band doin' anything fresh in the world today. I think everyone else is boring.

What about the song "animals" on sign of the hammer?

R: Well, we touch on it.  Y'know, we can touch on sex and everything. Not every song is fighting - that would be boring too. I think we touch on subjects that need to be touched on: power, glory, fighting. 'Cause we're playing ferocious music. We're not playing false metal.
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