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Metal Hammer Uk - 147  2005

Author Unknown

Manowar were famed for the intensity of their onstage sound. They took pride in being louder than other band, either living or far beyond.
"If we are to live up to our reputation as the only true metal band in the world, then we have to back up with volume," insisted DeMaio "And on stage we were so loud that we create what we called The Black Wind"
This was the sheer overwhelming force of "nature" that happens when band crash into guitar, bass and drums. A tornado of sound that was said to be so powerful that it could overwhelm a charging rhino at a distance of several miles. Grown men were said to have been reduced to ashen-faced, whimpering marsupials at its very mention. A number of people over the years were invited along to Manowar soundchecks to witness this Phenomenon for themselves.
Unfortunately, I never found the time, but those that did have described the feeling as akin to being in the eye of a hurricane. Manowar themselves always took great pride in the belief that only blood brothers could play stand at the epicentre of this sonic onslaught and drink deep from its energy. Or something like that.
They even immortalized this in song from their 1986 album "Fighting the World". It was called Black Wind, Fire And Steel. But that wasn't all Manowar took on stage. DragonForce may wield light sabres, but these Polydecibel paragons had genuine swords- ones that were unsheathed and plunged into the stage at strategic points in their set. Basically you did not mess with Manowar. This is a band that believed in the glory to be had in the fight for true metal, A war their disciples are now winning.
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