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BreakOut Magazine - Germany August 2006


Author Sven Lohnert
Many of you consider him, and rightly, to be one of the best singers of the genre.
We are talking about Manowar-Frontman Eric Adams.
For more than 20 years now, this American energy-loaded fellow is giving his competitors the low-down.
I hardly ever met a man before, who is living so consequently and professionally for his job as Eric.
As Eric is beyond 30, we don’t only have to attest him great physical fitness, but also have to certify that the power of his voice is, just like Ronnie James Dio’s, not deteriorating in any way with the years.
Many of you will ask themselves why we had announced a combined interview with Eric and Manowar in our last issue but only Eric rises to speak.
Very simple: our planned visit in America and the listening session going around with this trip were cancelled short-termly because bandboss Joey DeMaio was struggling with bad teeth problems, with the cause even weeks after this date not being completely healed up. So we all still have to be a little patient until we can bring on some brandnew info regarding Manowar.

But the good news is: Eric has a another passion apart from his career in Manowar-hunting. Recently he released his first hunting DVD “Wild Life & Wild Times” he produced together with Manowar fan, biologist and hunting expert Chester Moore. Enough a good reason to give Eric a buzz!

“Hey, Sven- it’s been a long time that I heard your lovely voice for last time, haha….!”

Congratulations! A great DVD. Especially in the outtakes it gets visible how much fun and passion you put into your work.

“That’s right. Chester and me, that’s a team in perfect harmony. I already told you the last time we met about my joy of hunting. And if you have a partner with a lot of knowledge and a good sense of humour at your side, then it’s twice as much fun from the start.”

Indeed, you can feel Eric’s joy by the enthusiastic sound of his voice. But not anyone who goes hunting is filming it for a DVD…

“I would have never thought that I would do it one day. One day, we grabbed a handy cam and filmed a couple of sequences. In the evening we watched the stuff and were surprised, how cool the material was. That’s how the idea developed. We had the high-end studio of Manowar at our disposal, so why shouldn’t we make use it if we had had the chance?”

What was your motivation to release such a DVD? Is there a certain message or philosophy?

“I spend a lot of time reading fan mail and many of our followers are interested a lot in knowing, what we do when we are not writing songs together or playing concerts. And you know that I am spending every free minute of my time in nature. I know that especially in Brazil and Europe there a lot of people that are watching this whole hunting thing very critically. That’s a further reason why the concept of this DVD is very revealing and explaining. Explaining about the animals, their behaviour and their habitat. The whole hunting scenario is created by intent. Everything we kill, we are taking home and eat it, or we are giving it away to people in need. It absolutely intolerable to torment or kill animals just for fun and leave them lying about just to make your next kill.”

I think it is time to testify for Eric as a witness, because he indeed lets his freshly killed prey be processed into sausages, steaks or mince meat. And he takes it out of his fridge at the right time to put it on the grill, sometimes even on tour when the catering wasn’t sufficient and there mouths left to feed!

Because I used to hunt myself in my youth, taking part in battues, deer and rabbit hunts, I know how much frustration you must be able to take, if lady lucks lets you down. And I know about the concentration and understanding that is needed when dealing with nature to be able to manipulate your hunting fortune into the right ways for successes. Especially in one scene on “Wild Life & Wild Times” it becomes visible what the meaning of this is all about, when Eric gets down a bison with bow and arrow. “Haha – that was scary! But bison meat is simply fantastic. But my favourite is turkey, followed by deer.”

The hunt with bow and arrow seems to be the fairest of all hunts to me. What skills do you need to kill unsuspecting animals at a distance of 150m with big-caliber rifles? Myself not being the leanest of earthlings is pretty conscious about the fact that when you’re eye-to-eye with a bison and you have one single arrow and you miss, the chances of winning are on the other side…

“When I killed the buffalo, you can easily recognize with a bit of knowledge, that my arrow was too far in the back and went in too deeply. That’s the risk in bow-hunting. The animal ran into the woods, turned around and stormed straight onto our camera-man. Panicking, he threw away the camera and fled. I grabbed a second arrow and climbed onto a tree for safety. The buffalo stood right in front of me and gazed into my eyes. That was an adrenaline rush….When he turned around, I finished him off, because you shouldn’t torture an animal without reason.”

Recently I talked to Ted Nugent and he told me the same story.

“I can imagine that Ted knows what he’s talking about, because he is more than qualified when it comes to hunting. We know each other well and I appreciate his skills.”

So, did you already cook some recipes from the cookbook he wrote together with his wife Shermane? He’s preparing all of his hunted meat, he quotes.

“No- I don’t own that book. But to be honest: some “nude shots” of his wife would be far more interesting, haha…!!!”

Well, I have to disappoint Eric concerning this, because the images in that book are more into the direction of bear and elk…

Take a look at the credits of “Wild Life & Wild Times” and one name will strike inevitably: executive producer Joey DeMaio. Joey seems to be a man with endless time. Songwriting, production and much more for Manowar are in his focus since a couple of months, but nevertheless he finds time to give advice to his buddy Eric.

“I can hardly believe that Joey has endless amounts of time at his disposal. You wouldn’t believe how many different fires he always has to put out at one time. But that’s how he needs it, and I think he’s only one I know being able to coordinate all this somehow. The new album is almost ready, but you know us, we are perfectionists and that’s why some things have to be re-worked.”

But as we don’t want this to become a Manowar-interview, let’s switch back to “Wild Life & Wild Times”

“I want to emphasize once more, that’s this is not about the stupid murdering of animals just to satisfy yourself somehow. Let me explain: Hunting in America is a sport. You can buy a hunt. This works like that: You go to a landowner, who has a huge amount of animals on his territory and needs to keep those at capacity and under control. Normally, the landowner would have to, according to current laws, take care of the killings himself. But as only few of them do it, they offer us the opportunity. Hey cannot sell as many hunts as he would like, because it’s sharply restricted by law. As a registered hunter, you can make certain amount of kills per year. Example: at the beginning of this year’s deer season I was told, that during the three-month period, my hunting ground, I would be allowed to shoot 4 deers. If I kill these 4 animals in 4 days right in the beginning of the season, I cannot make any further kills for the rest of the year. If I don’t kill my quota, it expires and I have to wait until the next season. So you have to be modest and humble with nature. That’s what I am also trying to teach my pupils. Years ago, I made my degree in bow-hunting and I am teaching some pupils in a seminar. To make it clear, if you get any closer than within a range of 20 metres, the hunt is over. It doesn’t matter if you bend the bow and have the prey in focus, without having the slightest idea how close you are. You won anyway.”

I personally don’t make a difference, because “dead is dead”, but I can accept someone who learns these archaic techniques in nowadays times incorporating pre-historic philosophies and the harmonic co-existence with nature.

“That’s exactly my point. As you may know I already animated some fans to go hunting long time ago when taking my bow on tour with me.”

Well, you could also shoot those in front of the stage yelling “Fuck Manowar”, but as nobody does that, it doesn’t matter anyway. Maybe I should try myself…

“Well, go ahead, I will hit you from 80 metres straight into the centre…haha….”

Maybe I will shout it lowly at the entrance…..far in the back…

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