23rd July 2005: Earthshaker Festival - Geiselwind - Germany - Manowar Undisclosed

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1. Manowar

2. Brothers of Metal Pt. 1

3. Call to Arms

4. My Spirit Lives On

5. Kings of Metal

6. Sign of the Hammer

7. Blood of My Enemies

8. Kill With Power

9. Sing-Along / Bass Solo

10. Metal Warriors
(with Rhino and Dave Shankle)

11. The Glory of Achilles
(with Rhino and Dave Shankle)

12. Metal Daze
(with Ross the Boss and Donnie Hamzik)

13. Dark Avenger
(with Ross the Boss and Donnie Hamzik)

14. Outlaw
(stopped and restarted)

15. House of Death

16. Herz Aus Stahl
(with live orchestra)

17. Prelude from Lohengrin Act III
(performed by live orchestra)

18. King of Kings

19. Warriors of the World United
(with Harleys on stage)

20. Hail and Kill

21. Black Wind, Fire and Steel

22. Battle Hymn
(with orchestra and all band)

23. The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings)
(performed live with orchestra)
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