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Welcome to Manowar Undisclosed, the unique site where you can disclose what appears to be undisclosed about Manowar.
During the last few years, Manowar have been criticized, offendend and seemed to become the worst band ever.

Gossips - and not only - want Manowar being involved in many legal actions. Joey DeMaio became the "devil on earth" instead of being only a bass player and a manager.

Being sick and tired of people insulting, bashing, screaming, offending, threatening those who have different opinion, with nothing supporting their "theories" and,  instead of wasting our time following this bloody war between fans (or so called fans) and people who simply hate Manowar, Manowar Undisclosed Staff  put together  facts  to DISCLOSE the UNDISCLOSED.

Working ONLY in the light of the sun, Manowar Undisclosed Staff has no need of dealers, hackers and so on

EVERYTHING you need to know the truth, is at hand.

- Our sources are the most reliable and legal sources ever because Manowar Undisclosed refuses illegal and abusive web sites and downloaded programs.
- Our files are not located in pay per view websites
- The files we saved were not located in parts of Sites requiring log in name or password.

It is possible that, during the years contents could have been removed, moved or put in private sections of the sites and we are not responsible of it. We can only say that, at the time we found them they were public and available to everybody.

Enjoy, have fun

Manowar Undisclosed Staff

Unveil The Truth About Manowar
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